PHOTOGRAPHY Workshops 2012-2013


Prague, Czech Republic—Workshops are offered June through October, 2012-2013

Prague Photography Workshops
The 1,000 year-old capital of the Czech Republic is renowned as the preeminent cultural and artistic destination of Central Europe. Its unparalleled artistic heritage has produced many of the world’s leading photographic artists. Intermediate-to-advanced photographers will find inspiration in the beauty and richness of the surroundings by visiting some of the historic sites, such as the Prague Castle, Wallenstein Palace, St.Vitus Cathedral, and the famous Charles Bridge.

This week-long workshop enables students to choose a concentration, or combine studies in any of the following areas:

Studio classes will be held in our state-of-the-art facilities located in the city center. Our two studios are outfitted with up to 6,000 watts of digital studio flash, and a complete selection of accessories. There are Mac workstations for image preview, and transfer of images to photo CDs. Nearby professional retailers provide quick processing, film, memory cards, and accessories.

Daily Itineraries
Students will alternate course instruction with days devoted to cultural discovery events, which fully immerse the student in Prague’s wealth of cultural offerings. These may include, but are not limited to:

You may use the Guestbook to pre-register for a class/seminar, or contact us for schedules and tuition:

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